Product innovation – another fellow of the ECO generation!


UP-Techem ECO – M62x2 UP 6007 T – for modular radio, M-Bus and pulse systems

Because of the specific demand we have decided to modify the present UP-Techem Vario S and adapt it for the new generation with an ECO counter

Since 1st June 2016 we are supplying the new UP-Techem with ECO-counter with the same product number and to the same conditions as before; it can be retrofitted with radio modules of well-known producers.

  • MID-approved
  • Fulfills all the requirements of the new DVGW regulation regarding the TWVO DIN 50930-6

For the installation of an radio module we recommend the usage of the following items:

  • UP-collar, rosette and ring Art. No. 60043, and mounting key Art. No. 60042

UP-Techem ECO