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UP-Wasser-Geräte ECO – M 66x1,25 – for modular radio, M-Bus and pulse systems

The new UP water meter replaces the present MFS in-wall meter with wireless transmission and has been adapted to our current Unimeter-system and to the new generation with ECO-counter.

Since 1st January 2016 we are supplying the new UP-Wasser-Geräte with the ECO-counter with the same product number and to the same conditions as before; it can be retrofitted with radio modules of well-known producers.

  • MID-approved
  • Fulfills all the requirements of the new DVGW regulation regarding the TWVO DIN 50930-6

If you need the previous execution for an already existing radio system, please add „MFS“ to the order number.

We hope for your understanding, that for bigger projects and equivalent high quantities we may need a longer delivery. Therefore please consider a previous consultation.


Another fellow of the ECO-generation!