New EED-Energy Efficiency Directive starting October 2020


The update on the EC Energy Efficiency Directive included new regulations concerning the metering and billing.  

The EC Parliament decided that starting October 25th, 2020, all new buildings, as well as upgraded buildings shall be equipped with remote reading devices. For existing facilities, a refitting shall be performed not later than 2027.

The information regarding billing and consumption shall thus be provided to end-user based on the effective consumption, which shall lead to energy saving.

The digital world of Wasser-Geräte provides the remedy through its cutting edge products with remote reading systems.

Our latest generation of apartment and domestic water meters with OMS-compliant radio modules (Open Metering System).

We do fulfil the requirement of tomorrow's EED. Start today by following along with us the same path towards the digital future; let us advise you more nearly about our products in order to find the most suitable solution for you.




The digital world of Wasser-Geräte