Manufacturer declaration
regarding the hygienic harmlessness of water meters 


Germ-free meters

To assure the hygienic requirements of the products regarding the pseudomonas aeruginosa, Wasser-Geräte is taking the following measures:


All plastic parts mounted in our water meters which are in contact with drinking water do have a testing certificate acc. to the KTW-­‐Leitlinie (Guideline for the hygienic evaluation of organic materials in contact with drinking water) and acc. to the DVGW regulation (W270) which acknowledge the acceptability of the materials from microbiological point of view. The brass materials used fulfil the requirements of DIN 50930-­‐6 and can be found in the basis of valuation of the German Federal Environmental Agency “Bewertungsgrundlage für metallene Werkstoffe im Kontakt mit Trinkwasser” (“Basis of valuation for metallic materials acceptable for a hygienic drinking water”). Thus all materials we are using comply with the requirements of § 17 of the TWVO (Drinking water ordinance).

Testing laboratories

Periodically, the testing water in our testing laboratories is being renewed by using fresh water and the tanks with testing water are being cleaned. In the course of this we are sending water specimens to an accredited testing laboratory. Our trained specialists are checking and recording the safety chlorination a few times a day to avoid a possible germ contamination.

Placing on the market

The water meters undergo sampling inspections on a regular basis and a DIN EN ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory acknowledges the sterility in respect of pseudomonas aeruginosa.
The meters are brought on the market only if we receive good testing results.

For transportation and storage beyond our responsibility domain as well as for the handling of the product during installation we cannot take any liability. Due to above actions we can confirm that the meters manufactured and tested in our premises can be classified as harmless from microbiological point of view by the time of delivery.


Analysis report – Domestic water meters

Analysis report – Apartment water meters

Analysis report – In-wall meters

Water meters – hygienic transportation to the installation site and the hygienic mounting

Certificate – Hygienic harmlessness of meters for drinking water

Manufacturer declaration regarding the hygienic harmlessness of water meters