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All previous gross price lists are hereby becoming invalid. For water meters which are subject to calibration or conformity the prices are quoted before calibration fee / conformity fee.

Value added tax:
All prices are valid ex works plus the statutory value added tax valid the day of billing.

Conformity fee / calibration fee:
The fees valid on the day of delivery apply. Conformity and calibration fees are statutory submissions and thus not discountable. The fees change according to the particular valid fees regulation.

Delivery conditions:
For a value of goods of 1,000.- € and above we do not charge freight and package. Collective shipments are not admitted. We do not add a minimum quantity surcharge. Our Sales and Delivery Terms and Conditions apply.

Withdrawal costs:
The withdrawal of slow-moving or faulty goods is not possible. For faultless goods in original packing we do charge a handling fee of 20%; the credit note can only be made if you indicate our invoice number. Return consignments shall be delivered free to the door, otherwise they will not be accepted. If the return is justified we will refund the postal charges.

Verification costs:
For faultless returns we generally charge a fee of 50,- € for verification costs for cold and warm water meters including the test report and the protocol. 

Offers for leasing:
If you do not want to tie up capital by investing in your own water meter we are happy to assist you.

Additional information