Self-Declaration of conformity 


Nr. Type Certificate number
    Actual revisions valid on the date of issue
of this EU declaration of conformity
1  VTZ/BWZ  SK 15-MI001-SMU039
2  Unimeter UP6000  SK 13-MI001-SMU030
3  ETW  SK 12-MI001-SMU024
4  UP-WG-O  SK 15-MI001-SMU037
5  SJ HD  SK 09-MI001-SMU004
6  MNR (MNRS)  SK 16-MI001-SMU042
7  WP-WG-W  SK 18-MI001-SMU055
8  MTK/MTW  SK 20-MI001-SMU060


The company Wasser-Geräte GmbH hereby confirms that the products only comply with the requirements of the valuation principles of the Federal Environment Agency according to §17 (3) TVO and that the currently still valid guidelines with any transition periods are observed:

  • Valuation principles for metallic materials
  • Evaluation principles for plastics and other organic materials
  • Elastomer Guidelines
  • TPE transition recommendation

The factory production control of Wasser-Geräte GmbH is guaranteed by the certified management system according DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Spaichingen, 21.02.2023
Wasser-Geräte GmbH


Self-declaration of conformity