Obligatory calibration for water meters 


The calibration institute informs the owners of water meters regarding their obligation to legal verification and calibration as follows:

1. Obligation for verification and calibration

According to the measuring and verification act (MessEG) water and heat meters are subject to verification and calibration, as long as they are used for business purposes*.

*Meaning as well the settlement of energy and water using meters between homeowners associations and homeowners as well as between tenants and landlords or between an allotment association and its members.

2. Metrology marking

New measuring devices are being marked by the manufacturer through the so called conformity assessment. The calibration period for these devices starts with their placing on the market; they comply to verified and calibrated measuring devices for the entire period of the respective calibration period and don´t need further calibration for the mentioned calibration period.

3. Validity of verification

6 years for cold and warm water

4. Obligation to notify (§ 32 section 1 and 2 MessEG)

In case of using regenerated measuring devices, it is required to notify the competent authority, at the latest 6 weeks after putting into operation. This obligation does not apply to additional facilities and serving measures. For further details, please check the information sheet at www.agme.de or www.eichamt.de. The notification of the new or regenerated measuring device can also be done at www.eichamt.de

5. Administrative offence

Users of measuring devices or measuring data who negligently or intentionally violate the calibration regulations is an administrative offence. The administrative offence can lead to a fine up to 50.000 €.

6. Legal basis

The legal basis to these references can be found in the following acts and regulations:

1) Measuring and verification act (MessEG) in its currently valid version

2) Directive 2004/22/EG of the European Parliament and the Council as of 31st March 2004 relating to measuring devices.

3) Directive 2014/32/EU of the European Parliament and the Council as of 26th February 2014 on the Harmonization of Legislation of the member countries regarding the supply of measuring devices to the market.

4) Measuring and calibration Regulation (MessEV) in the current applicable version.

7. Information

Further information to be found at www.eichamt.de


Usage duration of cold and warm water meters acc. to § 77, Abs. 9 of the Eichordnung

Year of calibration Year of removal
  Cold and warm water
2013 2019
2014 2020
2015 2021
2016 2022
2017 2023