Transport, storage and installation of water meters 


Water meters are sensitive measuring instruments and may be installed only by trained skilled personnel acc. to the valid accepted technical rules

To ensure the harmlessness of our products outside our field of responsibility, we do recommend the following:

  • Store and transport the meters only in original packing
  • Remove the thread protecting cap just before installation
  • Pay attention to a dry and frost-protected environment for storage (max. 20°C environmental temperature)
  • Avoid temporary storage in service-vehicles or production areas
  • Perform the installation shortly after receiving the goods
  • Avoid strong strikes or vibrations during transportation
  • Do not damage the sealing on the meter during transportation or installation
  • A damaged lead sealing leads to immediate loss of warranty claims and conformity

We do not assume any liability for transportation and storage outside our field of responsibility or for the handling of the products during installation.

If compliant with above mentioned actions, we guarantee that the meters produced and tested in our premises are harmless from microbiological point of view. 

Also please consider the following information:

DVGW TWIN Nr. 11 Information des DVGW zur Trinkwasser-Installation


Water meters – hygienic transportation to the installation site and the hygienic mounting

Transportation, storage and installation of water meters