MID – the European measuring directive: what does change? 


What does MID mean?
MID stands for „Measurement Instruments Directive“, updated with new version 2014/32/EU since 20.04.2016 and amended by 2015/13/EU. It regulates the process of manufacturing and conformity assessment of measuring devices (the conformity assessment replaces the previous verification) as well as their placing on the market (the transfer from the producer to the consumer).

The MID is valid since 30.10.2006 with a transitional period of 10 years. Starting 30.10.2016 it will fully come into force. From then on only MID assessed water and heat meters may be placed on the market. An exception may be the subsequent verified meters which have been placed to market before 30.10.2016.


Marking of water meters





Domestic (EEC) MID Metrological classes
 QN Q3 A R 40
Qmin Q1 B R 50-80
    C R 100-160


Nominal flows:
Domestic (EEC) QN (m3/h)  MID Q3
  1,5 2,5
  2,5 4,0
  3,5 6,3
  6,0 10,0
  10,0 16,0